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When it all goes bad...

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When it all goes bad...

I was trying for croissants, ended up with butter everywhere, divided the dough into six pieces, tried to roll it into a ball, shaped it with an apple corer, gave each an egg bath and sprinkled sesame seed in the center. Looks like crap but tastes absolutely wonderful!


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These look great to me.  Just asking to be eaten.  What an original 'save'.  I never would have thought to use an apple corer on dough but now I have a new 'tool' to use when I want a new shape for rolls.

Thanks for sharing!


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Heidi Napier

These look great; so what if they don't look like commercial bakery croissants?  I bet they taste even better.  This reminds me of some advice I heard from Julia Child; she said  that if a dish doesn't turn out to look like it should, you declare it to be something else and serve it anyway!!  So just call them something else instead of croissants.

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Actually they look like chrysanthemum blossoms, and if you hadn't called it a mistake, I'd have asked you how you made them that way :-)

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I'd call them 'croissanthemums! If someone can name something 'Cro-nuts', I think you're ahead of the game...

Laura :0))

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May not be the shape you intended, but I wouldnt have known that had you not said it! They are looking delicious to me! I love the idea of using an apple corer for the shape!