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I'm a 19-year-old bread baker living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota, USA. I'm researching sourdough at the University of Minnesota on my way to getting a Food Science B.S.

I love all things fermented, especially bread. Gluten is my friend, and I want nothing more than to make the best breads all of the time.



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Hello Rob & welcome to TFL.   Your loaf is cute, but a wee bit pale.  ;)

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lot like angry chefs I know and personally made that way!  Don't forget fermented pickles, kim chi and other fermented veg, sour kraut, beans, sauces and, of course, beer wine and spirits not that college students would know about such things :-)  Welcome, happy baking and good luck in school!  Keep those art breads coming too.

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Hi dabrownman,

I've done pickles, dillybeans, yogurt, beer, wine, cider, and mead. I'm working on making some hotsauce, too.

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Mini Oven

because it doesn't have a nose?  I would be too if I couldn't smell the aromas of sourdough cultures, dough, ingredients, or baking bread.  Esp, the baking bread aromas.  If this is a self portrait, do add a Sharpie or a photo shop nose, please?

"make the best breads all of the time"  

Well, don't be too dismayed with the first flop, happens quite often... part of learning experience.  And pick up some Chem, Bio, and Micro Bio while there!



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Hey minioven,

I'm planning on minoring in Chemistry and Microbiology.

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In the lab or in the kitchen? What aspect are you particularly interested in?

There is all kinds of experience on this forum and in all kinds of breads. As for sourdough, there are purists, home bakers, bakers that precisely measure ,seat-of-the-pants bakers and even professional bakers., Everyone knows the best way to maintain a culture or make bread and the interesting thing is-they are ALL correct.

Many of the people here are also brewers,cheesemakers,vegetable fermenters,wine makers,chocolatieres and sausage makers. Sandor Katz at Wild Fermentation -    is a very interesting person as is Dom here: .

Have delicious fun!

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I got way into fermentation of all sorts after receiving Sandor Katz' The Art of Fermentation. Such a good and interesting book. We ought to eat at least one fermented food every day!

I'm working on developing a pure sourdough culture that is reproducible and robust. I'm no purist by any means, but that doesn't mean I'm not striving to perfect my basic sourdough - water, flour, starter, and salt only.

I'm currently looking for a good dark rye method. I've got a sunflower seed rye recipe out of Bread Baker's Apprentice that is killer, but I'm wanting a darker, more intense, yet still with a bit of rise Rye.

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Welcome to the forum!

I eagerly anticipate learning from you.