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Marble Rye - help me with this recipe

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Marble Rye - help me with this recipe

Can someone help me create a marble rye recipe? I am looking for a lighter crumb than my normal sourdough as this will be a few loaves for friends. Here is what I was planning on doing.

Use a refreshed starter and build to 200g (used to split for seperate levains)

Rye Bread

400g white flour
200g rye flour
16g salt
400g water


400g white flour
200g rye flour
16g salt
100g molasses
5g cocoa powder
375g water

Mix seperatly, autoyse, and then knead in 100g of starter to each. Let ferment for 2 hours turning 2-3 times. Shape into balls, let rest. Roll each slightly to flatten, placing one on top of the other and rolling for marbling effect. Let proof until ready. Bake 350 in cold oven. Egg wash.

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If you want a lighter loaf try using high gluten flour in place of some of the regular white flour.  My usual loaves are 1/3 high gluten flour, enough to give it some fluff without turning it into Wonder Bread.

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That looks like a lot of salt. I generally us 2% of the flour weight which in this case would be half of what you are calling for.

Also as the above poster suggested, I would suggest trying first clear flour instead of "white" or all purpose. Clear works great with rye and gives the dough a more workable structure. You want to add additional flour to the darker dough to compensate for the addition of molasses, so both doughs are the same hydration. Otherwise they won't bake at the same times and temperatures.


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Just wanted to note that not too much flour will be needed in correcting the hydration as the water amount is decreased by 25g in the pumpernickel vs the rye and the 5 g of cocoa will compensate like flour for some of the moisture absorption as well. I'm going to try this recipe tonight and post how it goes. P.s. I love this site!

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Naomi Yoheved

Hellow from the Frozen center of Canada, Thunder Bay, Ontario!

I am seeking a recipe for a light rye/dark rye marbled bread AND/OR a Black russian Bread recipe without sourdough starter?

Any help out there?

Naomi YOheved

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One of the reasons I want to learn to bake bread is to make marble rye.  I'm so excited to see this post.   I used first clear flour for my polish rye, and it helped make my loaves successful.

Good luck, and I love this site, too!