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What do you listen to while you bake?

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What do you listen to while you bake?

Hi everyone,

I have started listening to the Heritage Radio Network while I work in the kitchen. This internet radio station is all about Food and Food culture. I have been listening mainly to the Chef Story, so far. I am really enjoying this station, kind of the same way I enjoy TFL (excited to have stumbled upon it, and check it everyday). So, I thought I'd share my discovery in case anyone here has not heard it yet.

What do you listen to while you bake?


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Bach Cello concertos or Pavarotti usually singing Puccini.

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Oh, I listen to music. Always. So whatever's on in the background reflects what I'm into at the time.

Recently I've been listening to the Miles Davis Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel box. Although the mid-sixties is usually not considered among his peak periods creatively, I love the quintet's playing these nights in December '65. Hmm...other stuff like Dylan's records up to Wesley Harding, early On-U Sound dub, Television, early records by The Fall, any 70s Bowie and Velvet Underground (RIP, Lou) are always on standby and never far away.

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25 years ago I worked a lot of nights or really early mornings, 4:00 a.m. or so, we only had a radio in the bakery and I can say that this contributed to my distaste for commercial radio.  This was in the days when radio stations where actually staffed during the night shift but they put the flunkies on at night.  They usually had 2 hours worth of material stretched over an 8 hour period, you can only listen to lame jokes so often.  I am now a fan of CBC radio (Canadian version of NPR) and no I don't like everything they program but it is usually intelligent and thoughtful so even programming you would not normally tune into is bearable. 


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There is something about jazz that is so fitting while baking (why is that?) but lately I've been listening to these ladies through my newly-installed kitchen ceiling speakers - you can hear samples here:

Of course I have to light a candle for the full effect. ;)

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.... from the British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC.  They're even better than the CBC content - the food shows (such as The Food Programme, Farming Today, or Cook the Perfect ....) are well produced and intriguing, and the political humour is razor sharp and hilarious.  Heritage Radio podcasts are in the mix, too.

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...from the Classic and Romantic Eras of classical music: Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Chopin, Schubert, List, etc., so I cut my teeth on that stuff.  As I grew older I started leaning more toward the Baroque Era composers, and they're still my favorites.  But honestly with classical music spanning almost 500 years, there's rarely a moment when I can't find at least something to my liking, so I listen to NPR classical or internet classical stations a lot.  For a change of pace, I like New Age music.  

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oops...  I meant "Liszt"  not "List"