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Breadmaking taster day in Somerset, England

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Breadmaking taster day in Somerset, England

Last Saturday, October 26th, I held a taster session in Nether Stowey, a small village in Somerset. I managed to attract 25 students of all ages - mostly new to breadmaking - during the day, who all went home with either a small soda bread loaf or a batch of shaped rolls.

I've just finished writing up the day - with a few pics - here on my blog:

I went home on a high - nothing, IMO, beats the feeling of showing beginners just how easy it is to make bread! :)



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Congratulations, teaching someone something so useful must be a great reward. The wee lad looks well chuffed.  ;)

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like teaching what you know to those that don't know.  Oddly, they usually somehow manage to teach you something too.  Life can be a beautiful turnaround.  Well done!