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The Cake Bible

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baking seagull

The Cake Bible

anyone else possess the book called The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum?

i have a copy and i am very pleased with it

its full of information and has many recipes

however there are certain things lacking, such as cheesecake, carrot cake, and ice cream cake recipes, but its a great read

another thing i will warn you about is sometimes the bake times are off and often 10 additional minutes are needed on some recipes

but i like the book because not only is the paper easy to write on for notes and modifications, the book is formated almost as if such is intended to be done

though i wouldnt say the book is a must have, especially since hundreds of free recipes exist online now, its one of the best all around books of its kind so if its in your budget and you want a physical cookbook, its worth your while

my copy has sticky notes all over

the stickies in the sides are recipes i want to try

when i try one the sticky moves to the top edge anf gets notes on the recipe's taste and texture and whether or not to try it again

any modifications are written on the page

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I really like how she puts together formulas in her books.  I also like that among the cake recipes she'll mention how one type is just a mere change of things getting a totally different layer.  I could swear there is a cheesecake recipe in there and its the type with a bunch of sour cream if memory serves me right.  Maybe its the pie and pastry book?  Anyhoo I've made it and don't care for it much but I prefer my cheesecake without sour cream.  If you need a good recipe for either carrot cake or cheesecake i think I can help.  

Agreed.  RLB has some great books and I'd go ahead and say if you had to have just one it's "The Cake Bible"

Happy Caking


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I have the book. I tried a couple of the recipes. I didnt care them much. It was the texure was not right and I coulnt get the cakes not to fall. I have baked cakes from other books and had no problems. I have gone back and tried a few times checking everything along the way and still get the same result. I dont give up easy and will continue intill I get good results.

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...and I really love the way she writes.  The personal stories attached to each recipe are fun to read and the way she provides the measurements in several different units of measure is very helpful.  My scale only measures in 5g increments (have my 'dream' scale on my Christmas list!) so a measurement of 2g or 8g of an ingredient is useless to me; but with the tsp. measurement right next to it on the chart conversion is easy.

I live in Denver and the altitude messes with bake times on everything I make, so I'm used to dealing with that.  

I've got sticky notes in my copies as well.  It's a great way to flag stuff I want to come back to without them falling out while I look at other pages.

I have a dream of someday having enough time to try the Gingerbread Cathedral in her cookie book.  Has anybody tried it?  Did it come out like the one in the book?