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Can anyone help re a post I found but then lost here?

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Can anyone help re a post I found but then lost here?

I found this great tread re shaping breads etc and I was especially interested in how to make the mini Santa bread face, the leaf I would love to do

I signed up for my account, then when I logged in, I could not find the page.

I have looked and searched "shaping bread" "Santa" and combinations, but cannot find the thread with the photo of the multiple shapes.

Can someone please help and provide a link re the Santa and leave shape, I saw the hedgehog link/videos included in the thread too!

Thank you!


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I looked and looked and looked! It was probably right in front of me and is why I didn't see lol

GREATLY appreciate!

As a newbie to baking, does anyone have any hints and tips or links re the santa and the leaf one as would love to do and share here the results too!

I am good re the bread dough, just the making, creating if there is something specific I need to do when attaching the bits and pieces! Thank you!