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Saf-Instant not refrigerated

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Saf-Instant not refrigerated

When I bought my Saf instant in the vacuum pack package I just put it in the cupboard. I realized later that I had bought it from the refrigerated section. Do you think it's okay ? It's been in my cupboard now for several weeks unopened. 

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Your yeast is fine. I had an opened package of SAF yeast survive a summer month in an outdoor storage unit and a cross-country trip in a moving truck.

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I had stored a 1 lb, open package, of Fleischmanns instant yeast in the freezer in the garage. The opened foil package was in a zip lock bag, inside a sealed small tupperware-like container. Somehow it got pushed behind things. I found it in the corner of the freezer, 5 years beyond the printed expiration date (2006), in 2011. There was about 3/4 of a package left, and it still made great loaves of bread. I went ahead and used it up. 

Your instant yeast should be good, stored at room temperature, at least until the expiration date printed on the label.