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Hello From CT

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baking seagull

Hello From CT

hello my name is Alex im 17 and im from connecticut i love baking and have been baking for a few years now ive baked cakes and cookies and cupcakes and a lot of other food i can make a perfect seagull noise which is why my username is baking seagull yes im very weird i am obsessed with food and my obsession with baking has almost become unhealthy to the level of an ED but im getting better i am an AP student and am very interested in science especially the science behind cooking and baking im also openly bisexual and am a huge animal freak/borderline animal hoarder who loves to go play with the neighborhood dogs i keep small things like my firebelly toads (4 adults and their 27 babies) and silkmoths i used to have mantises and fish i joined this site to talk about baking and grow my baking passion and to learn the science behind this so i can start making my own recipes i look forward to reading the posts on this forum so hello and hi and squak squak :)

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Hello Alex and welcome.  Lots of very talented people post on here and they are willing to help others.

That is one long sentence!  ;)

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Hi Alex,

Sounds like you're my kind of person. I'm also pretty young, only 19, and I'm in the process of getting my B.S. in Food Science at the University of Minnesota. I'm also crazy about baking and making food. If you like having pets, have you heard of aquaponics? It is a closed-loop system wherein fish fertilize the water that feeds growing vegetables.