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White Dough with Poolish.

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australian artisan

White Dough with Poolish.

Last night we had an order for 10 sour dough loaves but I screwed it up and they just did not rise!

So we had to make something else real quick to make up for it and we tried this:

Poolish:  We let this rest for only an hour.
Flour 500g
Water 500g
Yeast 50g

Final Dough: Short Mixed (Slow speed for 12 Minutes in a Planetary mixer.
Flour 4500g
Water 4500g
Salt    100g

The dough came up great and we will be trying it again tonight. Though tonight we mixed the polish the day before (so yesterday) and then put it in the fridge so we can achieve more flavour.

Any tips or changes you would make?


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 Under your circumstances you made a fast bread with a 1 hour sponge and rightfully so as you needed the bread to be ready quickly.  

So lets look at your formula.  First off your hydration is at 100% so this will get you a ciabatta like dough if you are using white flour or mostly white flour.    If you want a loaf such as a boule or batard I think this will need to be decreased.  If it is a complete white dough a small amount of rye would add a lot of depth.  I am assuming the flour may be whole grain and/or you mis typed your final H20 weight,  but I'm going off of your formula above. 

Here's a simple idea to make a loaf of your formula.  I've decreased the total yeast to .5% allowing for a 12 hour poolish.  Plus a  tiny addition of rye to add even more (once again assuming this is a white dough)


500 g  H20

500 g  White Flour

1     g  instant yeast (1/4 tsp roughly)



4500 g Flour (4400 White, 100 Rye)

3250 g H20  (This is brought down to 75% Hydration, still wet but will make a loaf such as boule or batard)

24    g  Instant yeast  (The remainder to make up .5%)

100  g  Salt                (2% as in your formula)


1)  Make poolish the night before and let ferment 12-16 hours 

2)  Autolyse Flour and Water for 1 hour

3)  Add poolish and yeast and mix to combine.  

4)  Add Salt and continue mixing on low to combine.

5)  Turn up to develop dough slightly.

6)  Bulk Ferment 2 hours with a few stretch and folds to complete gluten development during first  hour

7)  Shape proof bake 


Congrats on finding a way to get it done in a pinch as its stressful when that happens

Happy Baking







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australian artisan

Thanks Josh, you are a champion.

I will try that dough out tomorrow and post the results. You are right the water amount was off actually it was 2750g.


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I figured you had to have written the H20 down wrong or you would have spoken of an accidental ciabatta that was great or something like that.  I hope it goes well and look forward to your results.