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Hello from Texas!

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Hello from Texas!

Howdy, folks!

After returning from a trip to Paris (bonjour, y'all!) where we discovered the joys of fresh, no-preservative breads my lovely bride and I have decided to get serious about making our own.  So, armed with nothing but a Kitchen Aid Artisan stand-up mixer and lots of will-power she's already mastered a very nice white bread and wonderful sourdough.  I'm all set with my wooden spoon and the IQ of a carrot but am thinking about trying my hand at a traditional French baguette.  This website looks like it will be a wonderful resource for the two of us. 

So many breads, so little time!


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your oyster.  Aunt and Uncle,  Younger brother , brother and sister in law scads of cousins, nephews and nieces  all live in the great state of Texas!  Now we have learned our daughter will be going to PA school at UT in Galveston too.  Couldn't be happier  So welcome.... and don't believe the old saying the only thing wrong with Texas is there are too many Texans - just nonsense by those that don't know what we we try so hard to keep from them!

Happy baking 

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You flatter me Neal. If this old skibum with the iq of a carrot can bake bread, well, fill yer boots and welcome! Brian

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Looking forward to hearing about your bakes.