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Apple tart competition

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Apple tart competition

I’m by no means a great baker but my local school have asked if I’d enter an apple tart for their Holloween competition bash but I want to put a twist on your standard apple tart and here is what I’m thinking. I’d value your views and opinions

I’m using an 8 inch fluted pie tin and rather than using standard shortcrust pastry I’m thinking of using a puff pastry.

My ideal would be to cover the base and side of the tin with puff pastry and fill the bottom with a apple compote with a dash of brandy. Then filling out the rest of the tart with a layer of half-moon shaped apples starting at the outside and working in. My idea would be to finish the tart of with a wash of apricot jam and sprinkled with icing sugar.

It’s not a real competition just a primary school fund raiser but if I am going to help out I’d like to do something different.



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moderator. There is an awful lot of gobbly-gook appearing on my post, any idea of what is causing it; can you clean it up. Many thanks Kevin

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Pasting from Word causes the issue sometimes.

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use a Halloween cookie cutter to make a small puff paste something on the top in the middle - not big to show it is Halloween or make a border around the edge so you see the middle?.  I like to add a little fresh grated ginger and some snockered dried fruits, raisins, sultana, cranberry (bourbon re hydrated).Makes for slightly different tasting apple tart that people ask - what is that!  Love the thinned apricot jam to make the tart glisten - hate to cover that up with powdered sugar but maybe a stencil of a pumpkin or ?  that was powdered would show the holidaday too!.

Lots of things could happen with a simple tart it seems :-)  Good luck

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Mini Oven

in the form of pockets or sticks or cones or filled rolls?  Phyllo dough skinny logs or apples in blankets?  How about batter dipped chunks?   I can't resist suggesting addition of peanut butter or something caramelized. 

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I like the way dabrownman is going with this. Maybe a tart in the form of a pumpkin with eyes and mouth. To stray from the normal your giving them a treat with the tart. Now how about the trick. Make it a firery hot apple filling.