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Whole wheat bread flour /whole wheat pastry flour

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Whole wheat bread flour /whole wheat pastry flour

Good Afternoon Folks:

It is me "the Thai chef" again asking question about flour. Now that my family bought a Nutrimill , we are grinding our own wheat to make whole wheat breads and trying to do more whole grains baking. I have the "Laurel's kitchen Bread book for a while and while I love the book, I have never make anything by using the recipes from the book. Now that I am into whole grains baking more, I don't know if my whole wheat grains is considered a "whole wheat bread flour"?( I am using hard red winter wheat berries.)

By the way, what is the whole wheat "pastry flour"? Do I need to use  use the soft wheat Berries? I am confused with all the different kind of flours to do the whole grains baking. HELP!  

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I don't grind my own wheat, but I have used whole wheat pastry flour in the past for muffins, cookies, biscuits, scones, etc.  You would definitely not use it for bread because it is a soft wheat with very little gluten.