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Basic Sourdough White Bread

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Basic Sourdough White Bread

Didn't get to cut it open, these are headed to a friend along with an assortment of home made jams and jellies. What do you all do to share your bread?


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same as you. Give them as gifts with some homemade biscuits & an cake decorated by my Mum. So ita a food gift parcel. 



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I cut my boules in quarters or halves and spread among my friends.  Or, I have them over for a slice with jam. 

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They've colored beautifully! have you applied any wash prior to baking (eg. eggs / milk..etc)?


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How did you get that crust color?   It is really beautiful.  -Varda

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I sprayed them with butter flavored Pam spray just as they came out of the oven. Didn't use any wash at all. This also softens the crust, so if you're looking for a really crispy crust, this won't work!