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Hello from Scotland!

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Hello from Scotland!

Hi There,

I'm an enthusiastic home bread baker from Scotland. I am trying to bake all my family's bread and have used these forums as a great resource. I've registered to get a little help but hopefully can give something back too :)


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Hi & welcome Mark.

I'm relatively new on this forum too and can say the guys on here are a mine of information and so helpful. 

I too  hail from the UK and bake all my own bread and no longer suffer shop brought. I love the taste of home baking its second to none and the relaxing rhythm of hand kneading is the best de-stressor ever.

Anyway welcome & enjoy. 

Kind Regards,


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Maureen Farndell

Hi Mark and Kris, Likewise, I'm new to this site and only been baking sourdough bread for 5 months. The bakers here are super helpful and the comments are always good so enjoy the Fresh Loaf family!

Maureen, from South Africa.

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I too am relatively new to this site although I've been baking bread for years. I love seeing what other people are doing and trying their recipes and methods. Happy Baking to you!


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and happy baking.

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Hello Mark & welcome to the forum ;)