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Hi from Australia.

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australian artisan

Hi from Australia.

Hi All,

I love your site and use it to gather information and help design new products for my work. I am currently head baker at Apollo Bay Bakery in Victoria, Australia. I have heaps of questions and ideas and will be posting pictures of the things we are making here at Apollo Bay Bakery.


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Hi AA & welcome, 

I know for sure that I will find your knowledge & freedback as a head baker a great helpful. 

Kind regards


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Maureen Farndell

Hi AA, I'm also new to the site but have read almost everything here..... I'm also fairly new to sourdough baking but it's so much fun. I look forward to your postings in the future...........

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australian artisan

Thanks guys, its good to be here :)

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and welcome from a home sourdough nut in Adelaide.  Look forward to your posts.


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G 'Day AA & Maureen from Western Australia, Welcome  you have found a great site with some magnificent  bakers who are willing to share  their wares and formulas.

Kind regards Yozza