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Sourdough and RYW 90% wholewheat mixed seeds loaf

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Sourdough and RYW 90% wholewheat mixed seeds loaf

i canf wait to try to bake with my new babe -RYW. after reading a few entries from this web wite, I decided to build a leaving with Ryw. But its a bit late to wait for it to grow double in size, I put the levain back in the fridge continued baking this morning.

ive used a basic sourdough white as my Reference point, and replacing some water with raRYW. After combining all ingredients I found out the flour weight was wrong. Since its a little late to start over, I march on  and decided to trust my touch My one kg loaf ended up with 1.9 kg

next time i wont do the measuring in mixing bowl, as ILL never gives my the reading accurately. 

My second batch of the day is sourdough crackers in three flavor. Basil, Cajun and garlic.


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Just love the looks of the breads and crackers.  Yeast water seems to open the crumb on whole grain breads for me but it does dampen the SD tang some but for whole grain breads, where the flavors are so powerful anyway, I don't seem to mind that the SD isn't as strong as long as the crumb is opened up on these heavier breads.  You examples of whole wheat with seeds are gorgeous.  Well Done!  They have to taste great, and be about as healthy and nutritious as one could want

Lucy has been wanting to make some crackers for some time now and forgot all about YW as the leaven - will do SD and YW ones now  - thanks for the reminder.

Happy baking

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i was on the downside when it comes to wholewheat, I always bake a stone which goes to the trash.

n you are definitely right RYW has toned down the sour tang ( to my family this is fantastic news as they hate the sourness in bread. Weirdo!) .but this bread surprise me, while its substantial in volume, but the a crumb are very soft though not shreddable @@ is that becoz if the sourdough or the yeast water?

Im hoping one day I can be an excellent bakers like you.