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starter smelling like acetone

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starter smelling like acetone

I was wondering if anybody can help me, as ive mentioned above i have a 100 % rye flour starter @ 100% hydration, which has been going for about a week. It has started doubling in about 6 hours, but constantly smells like acetone, even when a few hours in. Im in the uk, and its not really to hot here at the moment, so im pretty sure its not fermenting to quickly due to temp. Sorry in advance for grammar/ and or spelling mistakes in advance. just wanted to get this post out there ! Thankyou, craig.

p.s. ive just posted this in my blog by accident ! not very computer articulate obviously....

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Refresh it again and as soon as it shows signs of life put it in your refrigerator.  that will slow down the fermentation.  I refresh mine and keep it in the refrigerator as a general rule of thumb.

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Mini Oven

one part starter to one part water to one part flour (weights)   Example: 20g each starter, water and flour.  (If using this schedule, increase the flour amount.)

feed on a 12 hr schedule with the starter at or just above 23°C    

Acetone can mean that the starter is under fed: