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Just Sharing

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Just Sharing

Thought I'd post my latest effort

This loaf has given me two firsts that I think might be good?

  • Formation of tiny blisters on the crust during the baking
  • A lovlely crackling sound from the loaf as it cooled on the rack

Looking through previous posts, I think both these might be as a direct result of the extended proofing times?

Some detail: I used a pre-ferment using 50g strong white, 100g of water, 4g dried yeast and a teaspoon of honey. Left this to work overnight. Following day I combined it with 400g strong white, 50g Rye, 10g salt and 250g water. After working the dough a little I left it again for 24 hours. I didn't put it in the fridge because the ambient temperature here was pretty low and I'm trying to teach the Energy companies a lesson by not using my central heating until December !!

After shaping, I let it rest again for about an hour and a half before, scoring & baking: 15 minuted @ 220c, then 30 mins at 200c

I have no idea if my technique is heresy or not but the finished loaf tastes good has a very crunchy crust



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exactly the way it should look - a great loaf of bread.  

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It looks awesome, I would be very happy with that loaf.  

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That looks so good, I'm ready to bake one just like it!