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Jewish Swiss Mice

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Jewish Swiss Mice

I saw this great video of how to make Swiss Mice by Christopher Bruehwiler on YouTube.  You end up with these rolls that are in the shape of Mice.  The video says to use a sweet dough to make these.  The first time I made these I used my standard sweet dough and they turned out OK.  They tasted fine but they did not keep their shape as well as I would have liked.

I made these again but this time I used the "Sweet and Rich Challah" dough  from "Inside the Jewish Bakery".   My favorite Challah recipe.  The turned out much better than my first attempt but they are a long way from the Mice in the video.  I probably let the over proof.  I used dried cranberries for the eyes (instead of raisins).  

Since we were then over run with mice I gave some to some friends.  They said that the Swedish sugar on top gave them a very nice touch.


Proofed and ready to add the eyes, ears and Swedish sugar.


Ready to go into the oven.


Fresh from the oven.


Mice doing close order drills on the cooling rack.


Looks like the cat is greatly out numbered.




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Very cute!   Nicely done.

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What a fun bake - really pretty! Thanks for the link to the video.

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These are too cute!

Thanks for the smile :)

Take Care,


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of the face of your cat is priceless. How many did she grab for herself? Very cute indeed and looks tasty as well

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108 breads

What a fun challah recipe for children. The challah recipes from Inside the Jewish Bakery are on my to-do list. I am planning a series of challah recipe experiments. I will have to keep the mice in mind. And thanks for the video link.

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especially the little red eyes.   Like someone took a flash picture.  -Varda

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That is too funny, I never thought of that.  T might have though of rabbits as some of them have red eyes.


Thanks, Dwayne

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I made 2 today, rolled in oats for fur, to go with my pumpkin looking boule made with sweet taders.  They are final proofing right now.  Thanks for the great mice and Lucy wants to bark at your black cat apprentice really bad but she is just growling at the laptop right now.

Thanks fr the inspiration.

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You did a great job on your mice!



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Love to eat them mousies
Mousie's what I love to eat
Bite their little heads off
Nibble on their tiny feet.