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Most Renown Sourdough Bakeries in the World

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Most Renown Sourdough Bakeries in the World

What are the most renown sourdough bakeries in the world? They don't have to exclusively bake sourdough products, just be well known for them. Examples include Tartine Bakery in San Francisco and Poilane in Paris. 

I'm compiling an extensive list of such bakeries to index on my website: (a sourdough index for amateur homebakers).

Further, if you have any feedback about the website, please feel free to post below or contact me. It would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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1 - Pain quotidient (Belgian)  - Bakery and patisserie

2 - Paul (French)  - Bakery and patisserie

3 - Maison kaiser (French)  - (Cafe and bakery)

4 - MORE (I don't know where from it is) (Cafe and bakery)

5 - Bread and Spice (UK)

6 - Bertinet's bakery (has a name.. i think)

7 - King arthur Bakery (USA)

... i'm sure there are lots more.. but those are some.



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Thanks, Khalid! Much appreciated. I'll have those indexed.

I'm also doing further research and hoping to find notable sourdough bakeries in Asia, the middle east, and even Africa. I think it would be interesting to include them.

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I haven't been to that many bakeries but the super seeded rye made at Orwasher's bakery in NYC from a 70 some year old SD culture is one of my favorites.


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I haven't heard of that bakery but it piques my interest. Thanks for commenting!


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stumbled upon a fine looking loaf of sourdough pecan and cranberry bread that cost a whopping $5.95.  Boldy baked, blistered crust and open an moist crumb.  The bakery is an offshoot of one in Pittsburg called Mediterra Bakehouse.  Their Southwest location is in Coolidge AZ - who knew.  I haven't been there yet but if the rest of their bread is as good as that one - then it is a treasure.  Here is their fine web site that features a French woman singing a song