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NSF Certified mixer

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NSF Certified mixer

So of a kitchenaid stand mixer is NSF certified, that has to do strictly with "health and food safety" right? In other words it doesn't mean the machine is any more heaven duty than another machine that's the sane wattage etc. (ie- two 475 watt lift bowl NSF, the other, well I don't know. The seller doednt mention it. But they're the same machine or not? Maybe the NSF has "food grade grease" or something??? May just go with an artisan tilt head. Dunno. Thanks. 

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Kitchen Barbarian

That is correct.  NSF certification has to do with meeting certain standards that make sanitizing the equipment safer and more effective, such as rounded corners for sinks (no sharp corners to trap germs), stainless steel counters, etc.  This is also why stainless steel pans for buffet tables have rounded corners.  It has nothing to do with use or suitability or durability - only with how easy something is to clean and how resistant it is to bacterial contamination, etc.