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Interior: Sourdough Oat Loaf

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Interior: Sourdough Oat Loaf

I'm really having a problem getting the insert picture thing to work.


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picture to appear in your post.  Click the tree Icon.  In the pop up that appears there is a table looking icon to the tight of the blank where it says Image URL.  Click that Icon.

in 25 seconds, maybe longer another pop up will appear that has button in the upper left  labeled Upload.  Click on upload.  Another pop up box will appear that has a button labeled browse.  Click browse.

When the new box appears click pictures on the lest on the left.   Choose what folder your picture is in then click on teh picture  file you want to insert.

When the ile name appears in the browse window then click the upload button.  After the file uploads then click on the insert file button on the tool bar of the active box underneath the upload box.  When you do this the first box that originally appeared will reappear with the file name of the picture filled in this time.  Click the insert button. and you picture will appear where you want it to in your post.,

I can't imagine why you are having a problem when this method of inserting files was designed by the sadomasochist wing of you local insane asylum - who jnow who you are - and they hate you :-)

This proceedure is for windows and i have no idea what you do for a Mac - except cry....

Happy picture posting