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Hello everybody!

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Adriana Leipuri

Hello everybody!


I've accidentally bumped into this website and it has a lot of interesting stuff! 

I guess I would say I am an amateur baker. I've made plenty of wheat breads but I am not a professional baker.

I am here because I've recently acquired a Finnish sourdough starter that originates from the 1900's. I've been furiously making Finnish rye bread for the past month and find your forum topics on Lactic Acid Fermentation in Sourdough really interesting. I need some time to read this carefully especially since the chemical part of it interests me.

I am really intrigued by rye flours and sourdough starters and hope to learn some new things from this forum. I also made a blog hoping to share my rye bread making with others. I am a little obsessed. :D




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making must be one of the most obsessed about breads here you are in good company!

Welcome and happy rye bread baking.

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Welcome to TFL, Adriana!

Don't worry about being just "a little obsessed." Bread baking obsessions generally double in 2 1/2 to 3 hours at 70 dF.


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Lot's of co-dependents here to help you turn that into a full-blown addiction.

Welcome, Adriana.


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"Hi, my name is David and I'm addicted to bread. It has been three days since my last bake, but I'm starting to get DT's and I think I'll have to bake soon."


Welcome to TFL. Hope you enjoy your stay. If you ever have a question about anything, there are (at least) two ways to get help. You can use the search box at the upper right of the page. This place is full of good info on just about any bread topic there is or ever has been. Also, you are free to ask questions anytime you feel you need assistance. Although, I don't know of anyone here who can help you get over your little obsession. If anything, we will probably "worsen your condition" as Paul indicated above.