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Hi from Jersey, Channel Islands!

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Hi from Jersey, Channel Islands!

Hi everyone

Just a little introduction. I've had an interest in baking for a few years. Mainly cakes and pastry, but bread's started to interest me most recently. Made a few Paul Hollywood and Nigel Slater loaves in the past and they've turned out great. I recently bought the new James Morton's new book, Brilliant Bread. I'm going to try and work my way through it all. I've made two of the basic white loaves. The first was good, but I knew I could do better. I knew I could get pretty close to the book.

Tonight's though looks JUST like it! So chuffed! I've attached a photo side-by-side with the book (Awful lighting, I know).

I'm looking to make friends with similar interests, namely of the bread, cake, pastry and jam/chutney variety.

Thanks and happy baking!


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Happy Baking in the Channel Islands.  We have a Jersey here too....where the real housewives live when they aren't in prison.  I'm guessing it isn't like the one where you live :-)

Your loaves look just like the book.  Well done!

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Welcome to TFL!

You certainly have found the right place for the sorts of friends you seek!

Lovely loaf! (But we like to see crumb photos, too.) ;-) 

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My wife, a Guernsey donkey, says hello and (reluctantly of course) welcomes a Jersey Crapaud (to her husband's favorite website)! 


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dmsnyder: Thanks for the compliment. I would have posted a crumb shot but I'm giving the loaf to a friend as a gift. Say hi to her from me!