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Focaccia not cooking thru

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Focaccia not cooking thru

So im having trouble getting this focaccia to cook all the way through. Initially I thought it had to do with the water and oil poured I too prior to baking. But it's definitely just not cooking ( bottom and too brown nicely, but top 1/4-1/3 stay doughy). I'm cooking very high heat (preheat to 500 then lower to 450 upon putting it in). this last batch I had it on the middle rack and neatly burnt the bottom. Do I just need to be at 375 or something? Or maybe put another empty pan below it to shield some of the direct heat? I'm under the impression the high heat is necessary. I'm doing rel focaccia Genovese. Following a few different authentic recipes and videos. Thanks. 

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Try putting your oven rack at the highest position possible. Another solution is to use two stacked sheet pans instead of one to insulate the bottom. When the top starts to brown, you can remove the second sheet pan and continue baking until done. You'll have to play around with when you remove the second sheet pan to see what gives you the most even browning on top and bottom.

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Mini Oven

Do you happen to have foil on the bottom of the oven?  This good intention keep clean tip can often throw off oven thermostats.  Makes everything brown faster on the the bottom.  Remove the foil or switch to a shiny light colored reflective pan.   An extra pan underneath is also a solution or a sheet of foil under the pan on the rack.   

Also check to see if your top coil is working properly.  Re-read your oven instructions, sometimes you find out there is a better setting for baking certain foods.  


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I bake focaccia at around 190C (375F)