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Hi from Panama

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Hi from Panama

Hi guys and girls. I am about ten miles from the Panama Canal and evry two weeks I make some kind of bread. My preferite is the "French Bagette" which is delicious and so easy to make. I am now looking for bread I used to eat when I was a boy in my country, Guatemala. They really make great breads there and with all kinds of beautiful flavors. I ma retired so I have all the time in the world to search for recipes in the net and that's what I have started to do....nice to be here.


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Hello Gera and welcome to the Fresh Loaf  :)    Does the bread you are looking for have a name that some of us may know?   Good luck on your search.

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Glad that you are here, and please, share the recipes you find, I would love to try them up here in the middle of Alaska!

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One thing we don't see here, or hardly at all, are some authentic breads from Guatemala.  Can't wait to see some!  Happy Baking.