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Bread baking supplies in Vancouver

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Bread baking supplies in Vancouver

Hi all, I will be in Vancouver for the next two months as part of a student exchange programme. Initially I was not planning to bake but after seeing the beautiful local produce and having discovered that my apartment comes with an oven, I am thinking of resuming my weekly bread baking routine. Most probably would be focusing on simple breads made with preferment, unless I decide to grow a Vancouver SD starter.

Anyway, I would like to tap on the expertise of Vancouver bread bakers in this forum. Any suggestions on where to pick up some decent bread baking supplies? (Was thinking of either a stone or some baking tins along with a spatula, some measuring spoons / scale and a mixing bowl to start). Since this is a short term thing, I would probably give most of the stuff away after that so I just need some decently priced and usable items to get going. Though if they work well, I don't mind lugging them back too.

Also, any other suggestions or recommendation to the Vancouver bread baking scene would be appreciated? Any flour mills, bakeries or upcoming events nearby that I should visit? Can't wait to experiment with Canadian flour and ingredients. Thanks for the help.


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IKEA and/or restaurant supply stores

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Gourmet Warehouse on East Hastings has a pretty good selection of baking gear and reasonable prices.  I was just over there to pick up some brotforms.

It is a bit of a drive, but I hear the mill and store at Anita's Organics in Chilliwack is worth the trip.  I haven't been there yet myself.

It isn't directly bread oriented, but the Apple Festival at the UBC Botanical Garden is coming up and quite fun.  Sadly I am going to be out of town when it happens this year.

Have fun!  Let me know if you have other questions about Vancouver, baking oriented or otherwise.

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Thanks, Floydm for the suggestions. Will go and check them out this weekend. Unfortunately Chilliwack is a little far without a car.

Apple Festival sounds really interesting, if it does not rain on that day. More reason to go since I am just studying near by! 

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Hello Tim,
I hope you enjoy your time in Vancouver!
Re: baking suppies,I found some good bus tubs/cambro containers for fermenting dough, at Russell Food Equipment in east Van.
Re: bakeries, here are a couple,have had the chance to enjoy their bread, once or twice:

Happy baking!
:^) breadsong


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Hi breadsong,

thanks for the recommendations. I tried abreadaffair's olive bread, quite a nice sourdough with plenty of olives. Will put mixthebakery on my list too!