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stretch and fold and cold bulk rise

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stretch and fold and cold bulk rise

How do I incorporate stretch and fold into a cold bulk rise.

I have a formula for 75% hydration dough that has a bulk rise of about 3-4 hours at room temp which I stretch and fold every half hour in the bowl. How would I do stretch and folds if I want to do a overnight cold bulk rise?

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It would depend on the amount of yeast.

Stretch and Fold several times but don't worry about the number- you will need several as the dough cools.

If using a usual amount of yeast, leave the dough at room temp till the first S&F, and then refrigerate. The dough will still be warm enough to require several S&F cycles as it cools; otherwise, the center of the dough would remain warm and active long enough for it to "explode" over the bowl.

If using a very small amount of yeast, leave it a room temp longer, maybe through the second S&F cycle, so the yeast can better permeate the dough before it cools.

Just before bed, give it one last cycle to be sure all the dough is cooling evenly.  You should have a lovely dough to work with when you wake.  


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So even though its refrigerated just make sure it gets enough stretch and folds to develop the dough structure and equalize the temperature. I might keep the flour in freezer or use very cold water to mix dough