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Your shop's "secret recipe" and fda's ingredient list requirements?

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Your shop's "secret recipe" and fda's ingredient list requirements?

I'm starting a donut shop where I would like to keep the ingredients a secret. Let's pretend my product is a cronut. I've read online that the FDA requires an ingredient list for anything that includes two or more ingredients. Is there an exception to the rule, anywhere? What about trade secrets? What can I do to keep my ingredients from being disclosed?


Thank you!

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They're the ones who make the rules and can best explain what is required.  


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Kinda hard to keep flour, water, salt and yeast a secret!  And it might be problematic to omit allergens.  The exact proportions and technique won't be listed, and managing fermentation is a huge part of the special flavors you achieve, so there might be plenty that is left out even with a legal list of ingredients.  

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Withholding to much causes customer distrust. I make apple pies everyone loves. Food labeling guidelines deems it acceptable to list just "spices" and not whats in a blend. There is some technique to putting one together and how you bake it. I give out the recipe to whoever wants it. I don't tell them how I handle the dough and filling or how I bake it. And when they say "your filling says spice, what spice?" I tell them its my secret blend. And they still come back to buy my pies. And some say I tried your recipe but it didn't taste like yours, and its easier just to stop by and buy one of yours. I will share one of my secrets with you now. Store apples are the worst. Modified and picked to soon. They are bland with no flavor and mealy. That's why I grow my own apples. Just two or three trees will provide lots of filling. And there is no cost incurred by buying those expensive tasteless store apples. That means huge profits for me at the market.

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You could give the ingredient list and recipe to ten different people and you would wind up with ten different end products.

It is you that makes the difference.