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Hello From Charlottesville, VA

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OakLeaf Farm 1716

Hello From Charlottesville, VA

I've been a member since 2010, but have not been active for awhile.  So I just want to re-introduce myself to the forum and look forward to learning from everyone.

I took an artisan bread course 3 years ago, which made a big difference in my baking.  Learning by watching and doing is my method of learning.  Since then, I've only been baking in the spring and fall. 

I recently purchased a Le Panyol oven-primarily a bread oven, and have been making mostly Neapolitan pizzas and dinner meals.  With the fall and winter approaching, I'm looking forward to baking bread in the WFO and hoping to learn from other bakers and oven owners.

By the way, I am selling my Copper Turnkey Oven so that i can purchase one on wheels (mobile). I'm looking to be serving Neapolitan pizzas in the Farmer's Market in the spring 2014. So I'm looking for a good home for CopperTop.

I am thinking about setting up a Bread Baking Community on MeetUp.  I'd like to meet other bread enthusiasts in the local area and hoping to share the WFO with bakers and learn from others. Anyone out there who is a member of a baking community in their hometown? Any ideas on how to get started? 


Great to be back,


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Big Bear

Hello from Washington DC!

Is your oven still for sale? We are looking for a break oven/pizza oven for our farmer's market, and this would be a perfect fit.

Is your oven still available?