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Italian Peasant Bread

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Italian Peasant Bread

Found this recipe lurking around on this site and just had to try it. IT'S PERFECT!!! Quick, easy and a delightful companion for my home made chicken soup.

My picture shows four subjects, the bread ready to go in the oven, the bread just out of the oven, the bread torn by hand into pieces and the soup it went so well with.

I will have to stock up on flour as I envision myself finding many more recipes to try!


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and sopping up the bread in the chicken soup is making me hungry.  It's a chicken soup and focaccia kinda day here.  

Lot's of wonderful bread formula's on TFL.  With cooler weather  ahead it's so enjoyable to bake bread.


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for each other.  I don't think you will have a hard time finding recipes here but will never ever be able to bake them all :-)

Happy baking