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Refreshing my sourdough starter

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Refreshing my sourdough starter

I will admit right here and now that I have been a BAD sourdough caretaker! My sourdough starter spent most of the summer in the fridge being fed intermittently. But now there's snow on the ground and I wanted some sourdough pancakes so that I could sample some home made wild raspberry syrup. My starter was like "whatever...", so I figured that since I use sourdough starter for flavor rather than rising power for pancakes, I'd give it a shot. And they were delicious pancakes and the raspberry syrup was to die for, but I noticed that my starter had very little action to it.

Now I'm not one to shirk off making a new starter, specifically because I make a very wet starter with commercially available yeast (but I have plans to start a wild one!), but this starter had a really good flavor, that I'd like to keep. My solution was to save what I had, and then add half of what it would take to make a whole new starter.

My starter lives in an old coffee carafe. It's clear glass, I can see what it's doing all the way around, and has convenient marking lines so that I always know how much I have. And I will keep this fed regularly because I have two baking projects in mind: Cranberry Orange Cinnamon Rolls, and a big batch of bread for bread crumbs. I'll keep you posted!