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Bread Crumbs, Actual Bread Crumbs

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Bread Crumbs, Actual Bread Crumbs

I'm planning to make a double batch of German Butterballs, and will need 8 cups of finely ground dry bread crumbs.(They will be mixed with eggs, butter, cream and seasonings and dropped into chicken soup). I'm thinking four loaves of just plain ol' white bread. What do you guys think?


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I'd go with multigrain sourdough. Why not add some flavor and texture, after all?

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Try to get a good strong sourdough loaf to make the butterballs. Adding all those rich ingredients, then soaking in a chicken soup, the sourdough flavor will be muted a bit. But, the extra flavor compared to normal white bread will probably be the difference between a great meal and an awesome, oh-no-I-ate-too-much meal! I'm not too sure about the multigrain. I'd think the grain flavors and textures would not be complementary to the rest of the ingredients you're using. If it was beef stew, I'd agree with multigrain, or at least one strong whole grain.

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I have decided that I will go with a half multigrain, half all purpose unbleached white sourdough! I have freshened my starter, and will pick up all my supplies this weekend when I venture out to shop in Fairbanks.

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Mini Oven

or white rolls with lots of white bread crust.  No need to buy fresh bread to crumb.  White toasting bread will also work just fine.

Sounds similar to a traditional soup ball that is first deep fried and while hot dropped into cold water, removed and then dropped into the soup.