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You realize you have become a baker when . . .

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You realize you have become a baker when . . .

. . . I looked on my counter just now and had 5 different SD ome baked goods on the counter:  pulla, cinnimon buns, double fed sweet levain bread, walnut levain bread and the recent challenge seeded loaf.  Whew!!!  Oh yes, in the fridge, I have left over Forkish style pizza . . .

I guess somewhere along the line, I v=became a happy baker!

Thanks Fresh Loaf!  Brian

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You need to get a chest freezer Brian.  I just pulled put a quarter loaf of Valentine Pink, beet and chocolate chip, multigrain rose loaf that my my apprentice put in there in February!  Made some fine French and regular toast.  Forgot how good that bread was:-)  With a freezer and an absent minded apprentice, you can have a hundred different breads ready to go at any time!  Maybe I shouldn't''t recommend that!  Still, it is nice to have a variety of bread hanging around,