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Can I store bread in fridge overnight or longer?

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Can I store bread in fridge overnight or longer?

Can I make a batch of dough for 2 or 3 loaves of bread and store it in the fridge so I can use it throughout the week or longer?


So If I made up a batch of dough for lets say 3 loaves can I put it in the fridge for the first rise.  Following day pull out enough for 2 loaves and put it into a pan after punching it down.  Then let it rise for an hour or so.


Then I can possibly use the rest of the dough later in the week?

This would be for a standard sandwich recipe. 






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You can leave dough in the fridge, but I've found it really begins to degrade in quality after three days. You might want to freeze some dough and let it defrost in the fridge before using it.

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n Should it be frozen after it has been cooked or before first rise?

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When I bake I do an extra loaf and freeze it after cooking.  I don't consume much so a 1# loaf will last me a week or so well wrapped and in the fridge.  I would assume that a few minutes in a hot oven should restore some of the crispy crust if that is important, but I have not tried that.  I kinda think that good bread taste better a couple of days after it has been baked.

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As bread cools, starch retro-gradation increases. The cooler the temp, the faster the staling, right down to the freezing point. If you want to store bread, freeze it. It will pass through the staling zone as it cools and as it thaws, but it's still better than nothing.



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This is actually the idea behind some of the no knead bread recipes out there. You can also freeze certain doughs after the first rise. Do a search for "bread in five minutes a day" and you will get a lot of info. If you need more help, just post. The claim is that the dough lasts 2 weeks. I don't know if it will last that long but I would say the time table you are referring to should work.

Once cooked, bread should not go in the refrigerator, but slicing then freezing is fine.