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Ischia in Canada without needing to mortgage the house

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Ischia in Canada without needing to mortgage the house

I'm on the hunt for some Ischia starter flakes, the type that is generally seen as most awesome for pizza.

I know has it as does another website, but the shipping of these flakes up to Canada is ridiculously expensive at $20+ S&H, on top of the $20 for the flakes themselves. Especially when you consider that Carl's Friends can send you an envelope of starter for just $2.

There's some showing up on and but they don't ship up here. Neither .ca versions of these have the flakes.

So I'm looking to see if anyone out there has a line on where one can get these particular starter flakes up in The Great White North. All tips are appreciated.

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Have you checked King Arthur Flour?

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Postal Grunt

If you check the TFL archives, you'll find that most starters adapt the characteristics of the yeast spoors on the flour being used to maintain them. Sooner or later, the yeast spores on the flour will dominate your starter unless you can utilize the same flour(s) and replicate the environment used to originate the Ischia starter.

If you're worried about the cost of the starter, you have to consider the expense of keeping it true to character before you obtain a sample.