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Toasting Sourdough

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Toasting Sourdough

Hello Everyone,

this is a little out of the blue - but has anyone else had problems toasting sourdough bread? on the odd occasion that it works sourdough toast is amazing, but most of the time the crusts burn before the centre is properly done :(

i don't think it's my toaster because I have had 3 and they all have the same problem.

i was wondering if anyone had any tips for trying to avoid this? I've tried wetting the crusts but It fails to work for me :(

any ideas would be much appreciated,


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I have to turn the heat up on my toaster to get my sourdough bread to toast as brown as I'd like it. I think it's because I generally don't put sugar in my sourdough, and when I do, it's not much. Sugar helps to brown the bread. Also, if your crust is already very done, like artisan loafs generally are, you should expect them to burn before the center is browned. They are already most of the way there, after all. I bake my bread for a thin, soft crust, so it is good for sandwiches. It works better for toasting too, because it isn't too toasted to begin with.

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In addition to the above comment fresh bread makes terrible toast, if you have some bread that is couple of days old I bet it would toast better.


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Most versions of sourdough bread, and most no-knead breads do not toast like store bread or regular bread.

The reason is sugar.  When bread gets toasty brown, it is in fact the sugar in the bread that is caramelizing.  Most sourdough bread have no added sugar.

Even buying sourdough bread in most stores and bakeries have sugar and yeast added.  Part of the reason is so that they will toast, but the general public like the idea of sourdough bread but not the sourdough taste. 

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except toasting SD bread.  But no toaster does or can .  It takes a full 6 minutes on the highest toasting setting to get it half way brown,  The gas grill on the the other hand does a great job with perfect grill marks and the bruschetta is killer as a result.

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I toast mine under the grill. I find it helps if I put the grill rack down a little lower. 

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Les Nightingill

You can get a hot and nicely browned slice by frying in a little olive oil. No need to butter it either, so it may be a little healthier too.