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Playing with Bagels

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piano boy

Playing with Bagels

We end up in Montreal from time to time and usually stock up on bagels but I wanted to try some at home. Similar to Montreal style but minus the egg and a little thicker to hold the fixings. These are definitely underbaked but the SO was hungry and couldn't wait. I prefer mine toasted with cream cheese and crab apple jelly.

I'm liking the twisted cracks but want to tighten up the seam a little bit. I'm using malt powder but honestly can't taste the difference. Water bath was baking soda and molasses about a minute each side.

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Those are gorgeous.

I'm going to be in Montreal in about 3 weeks and can't wait to try the bagels. 

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Beautiful looking bagels.


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bagels that make me hungry  i prefer CC and hot smoked or grilled salmon on mine.  Yours look great.  i only boil mine 20 to 30 seconds max a side and prefer NY style bagels.  My wife loves the Montreal kind though we keep both in the freezer :-)

Happy bagel baking