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ISO your favorite spelt recipes

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ISO your favorite spelt recipes

Bargain shopping is my therapy...well, only when I don't have time to bake bread.

This week's bargain find was 10.5 lbs of spelt flour for $8.75--about 83c a pound!  So my family will be enjoying (because Mom said so) spelt breads over the next few months.

Any recommendations for your favorite recipes? 

Suggestions for combining spelt with other flours?

Thanks in advance--I'll let you know what life is like in Speltland...

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108 breads

Here is a link to all of the spelt breads I have made. I think there are five. They range from part spelt to 100 percent spelt. Even though I might tinker with timing or some other aspect of the bread making, the taste was always really good. That's a photo of one of the spelt breads. Good luck and happy spelt baking!

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This is my favorite (100% spelt): Spelt Walnut Bread.


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a 50% spelt and 50% rye baked

I bake a lot of multigrain breads and they ussually have 25% spelt in them too - here is my blog index

From experience it seems just about any recipe can have 25% or more of the flour substituted with spelt.

Happy spelt baking.

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These all sound wonderful.  Some of the 100% spelt loaves look like Vollkorn bread, which I know my parents would love.  My kids would likely prefer a mix with AP or BF, as they prefer a lighter loaf with a finer grain for sandwiches.  I'll have to try them all :-)

Thanks so much for your contributions!

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Hi Windi!

Congrats on your shopping scoop! 

I love spelt, but don't use it often enough. Here are a couple of soda bread spelt recipes - with a link to a yeast-risen spelt loaf:

About spelt flour in general - I had a student once who only wanted to make bread with spelt flour on two separate workshops. She made everything the other students made - about a dozen varieties all told. So don't hesitate to convert your own recipes to spelt flour* - the only thing I would mention is that spelt tends to rise a little quicker, so you need to keep an eye on it.

*Or, as has been said, substitute a proportion of spelt for wheat flour.

Happy baking! 


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I will have to try some of your spelt suggestions. Must finish up the WW sandwich bread first!

Thanks to you all.  I'm going to have fun trying yeast and soda variations.  Yum!