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Second batch of the day

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Second batch of the day

This is my second attempt at Norwich sourdough. 

with the help from mini oven, this loaf is not as sour. and it didn't collapse when I score it but the oven spring is still not good enough.  Maybe I have over proof it again.


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There's no compressed zone at the bottom of the loaf and the bubbles are uniformly distributed.  Practice with shaping will give you a loaf that spreads less and stands up more.  

You might also want to check you oven's temperature to see if it is as hot as the controls say it should be.  The crust could be quite a bit darker, which will contribute more flavor.

All in all, that's a very good second effort.  Keep practicing and you'll get more comfortable with this formula and better able to control how things turn out.


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Thanks PMcCool,

Does oven temperature matters? Im using a stand alone oven which only gives me 200C - 220C very much depends on my luck thou. 

Im thinking to get a basket to help my boule stand when its rising.