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Sesame seed & Saffron Bread

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Sesame seed & Saffron Bread

This Bread is quick ,easy and is good for breakfast or for afternoon snack with tea.

*2 cups white self-raising flour.

*1 cup whole wheat self-raising flour.

1 teaspoon dry yeast.

1/2 teaspoon baking powder.

1/4 teaspoon salt.

4 tablespoons oil.

4 Tablespoons rose water.

2 Tablespoons sugar.

3 Tablespoons evaporated milk (low fat).

2 eggs.

1 1/2 cups warm water .

1/4 cup dried dates,chopped.(optional)

*Home made white self-raising flour:1 cup white flour + 2 teaspoon baking powder.

* Home made whole wheat self-raising flour:add baking powder to whole wheat flour as above to make whole wheat self-raising flour.

1)Beat eggs and sugar in small bowl with electric mixer until light and fluffy.

2)Stir in dry ingredients,milk,oil,warm water and rose water.

3)Spread mixture into prepared pan,sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and Saffron.

4)or you can grease the pan ,sprinkle it with toasted sesame seeds and Saffron than Spread the mixture over.



5)Bake at 350 for 35 minutes.



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Zainab -

This bread combines two of my favorite ingredients (saffron and sesame) and looks delicious. I visited your Arabic Bites blog and got hungry looking through your recipes. Chicken Shawarma with flat bread is on the menu for today at our house.

Thanks for posting!



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All those exquisite dates!!! Added to saffron and sesame, oh my god. Looks like your kitchen is the same as heaven, zainab.

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 Thank you Janet ,if try any of my recipes do not forget to tell me what you think?


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 Thank you browndog,your comment always encourage me to keep posting.

visite my Arabic Bites blog and tell me what you think?


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I visitied your blog site and have added it to my Favorites list. I'm anxious to try many of your recipes, they look wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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 Thank you paddycake.


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Hi Zainaba,

The bread looks wonderful!   My question is: what is rose water, what does it do, and where do you get it or how do you make it? (OK, I guess that's 3 questions!)

Thank you!


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 Thank you colleen,

about rose water it is concentrated flavouring made from rose petals.

and we use it a lot in arabic gulf area.for both sweet and savory dishes.

also rose water give food unique taste.

you can find it in any food store.



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Hello Zainab, stunning bread, gorgeous photos and such good descriptions of the process. I went to your blog and am curious. What is the pastry you've used for "My Photo" at the top of your blog at blogspot? Baklava? With pistachios? I had some Lebanese baklava once (sooooo good) that looked like that. But they didn't have the thready bits wound around. What are they?

I'm full of questions. Will you be putting the recipe for that on your blog? It looks divine, whatever it is. Looking forward to trying some of your other recipes too.


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 Thank you carol,

the recipe you curios about is Konafa fingers with ashta not Baklava.(the Baklava made of fillo pastry and i will post recipe for it soon)but (Konafa fingers made of shredded pastry and my sister meedo will post the recipe soon too)

feel free to ask me if have any questions.


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you can minimize the amount of oil to 1 or 2 Tablespoons.


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Finally! Been wanting to make bread laced with rose water (i have a bottle that i bought months ago and have not used it again!).  Thank you for sharing.  I have the sesame seeds so will buy the dates and the saffron.

Can't wait to make it!


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Tony M

I'm a new member. I'm very impressed with the degree & depth of baking knowledge & enthusiasm I've seen here. I'm just sorry I didn't discover this sooner. This is my first post. I'M very into making neo. style pizza and my HearthKit allows great carmelized crust with good, chewy interior in just 6 minutes. Now I want to start seriously into artesian breads and just ordered my sourdough starter from King Arthurs. Here's my question: I'm reading a lot of positive things about how the LaCloche clay baker creates a great crust w/o the need for spraying because of its moisture holding properties. The Frumpkin sourdough blog raves about it and his bread photos back it up. I've also read great press on the HearthKit breads. My thought is combining the two by using the LaCloche top only over my HearthKit surface and then removing the top half way through.

Any comments pro or con from anyone who's tried this?