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Bread storage

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Bread storage

I did a search on the site but didn't really find an answer.  Im making some french country sourdough today (happy summer solstice and my 27th wedding anniversary!!) and Im going to be taking it to a gathering this coming Saturday.  I have to work the next 2 days and would not have had time to make the loafs the day of the gathering.  How should I store these to insure good taste and crust?  Thanks in advance.


Spearfish SD

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Well, sourdough improves with age, it might be fine in a couple of days if you just keep it cool and dry--not in the fridge which will make it too dry. Paper bags that you can close up snug would be my suggestion. The freezer is the other option but I do think you'll sacrifice something with the crust. If you can warm the bread before you serve it that would revitalize the crackle but that might not be practical at a gathering. You may as well leave it out, it's bound to be appreciated and I doubt if much will be lacking really.