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I have a question and this forum is the perfect place to ask !!!

Sometimes when i make sourdough i put some fresh basil and garlic in my dough... and it is just fantastic... what would people think if i put roasted garlic instead of fresh... Would it ruin the bread.. I am afraid to try it and taste not so good.....

I would love some input :)


Thank you !!



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 some of my favorite bread had roasted minced garlic in it, but I could eat roasted garlic with anything, I'm a big fan. assiago also hits the spot for me. adds a nice density to the bread. hmmm, I think I know what I'm doing with my next loaf!

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Pre Roasting the garlic will make it sweet and mellow, go for it!   Costco used to sell a roasted garlic artisan style bread and it was my favorite.  It is on my list to do as soon as I get decent with a basic loaf. 

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is much better in bread than fresh if you ask me just like caramelized onions are better than fresh.  No worries at all.

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My favorite, as well as my bread fans is "Roasted Garlic/Asiago bread of any sort. The true essence of the garlic is infused.throughout.



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Roasted garlic is far superior to raw. Roasting brings out the sweetness of the garlic and melds really, really well with the bread. Definitely do it.

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Thank you !!!

Cant wait to try it !!!