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My first sourdough!

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My first sourdough!

A week ago i started my own starter, the wild yeast starter i found here. After a week, my starter looked a bit like an ADHD-starter. Very active, bubbles, smelled nice so even though i planned on baking after 14 days, i already baked something.


And... wauw. Amazing! The taste, the texture... i am in love. I made a Norwich Sourdough, an easy first-time sourdough but one that i will continue to bake.


Some pictures; before final rise overnight in the fridge: 

Next morning; time to bake!


My house smelled so nice, but i had to leave for some sunday-morning sport... knowing to find fresh, cooled-down bread when returning home :-) .

For the crumb-fanatics:


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this would be very good indeed even without knowing it's a first!

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but knowing that it tastes great is what it is all about.  A fine first time SD if there ever was one.

Happy baking.

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Stuart Borken

All I want to know is how do you upload pictures?  I have tried and tried and failed except twice when the photos ended up sideways when they appeared on TFL.

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Congratulations!  It looks a lot better than my first try.  Fantastic.