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Miller's Bake House

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Miller's Bake House

As much as I've wanted to come to taste the bread a recent searching for ovens lead me to calling Dave Miller to discuss his new wood fueled steam injected oven. He was so nice to talk with me and allowed me to visit his home which has a built in production bakery for a garage. Yes a dream come true. 

i bought a few loaves including the infamous Chico nut bread. Also the mission loaf (fig and fennel), sesame wheat, and 100% spelt. 

Probably won't taste most til I get back home but we tore into the sesame. Oh my

my josh



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So incredibly jealous right now :(

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His setup. I too am jealous


Ill add photos of the loaves when I get home. I think we're off to wildflour bread today. Then bouchon bakerin tommorrow mornin before we head back. 


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We gunna try and get down there this fall or so.  Glad to hear he's a nice guy!

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a fine baking road trip Josh.