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a touch of rye and wholemeal with black sesame

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a touch of rye and wholemeal with black sesame

i decided to make a sour dough in preparation for a promotional baking class in a couple of weeks.

So in the morning i fed  the culture with some whole rye flour so as to have the right amount for a mid day mix, 400g of culture 400g of ryemeal and 800 ml of water this was part by error but also i reckoned that it would allow a quicker fermentation.

At lunch time i went to mix the dough and  found the whole meal bin almost empty  but managed to get 600g and to this i added 3,000g of flour for a  total 3600 (3) then i added  2000ml of water as i had already 400ml extra in the culture build (2)   and then the prepared culture 1200g (1)  

The salt was @ 2% 72g, butter was 2% 72g, 2 eggs =100g  the dough was mixed well and finally the addition of 150g black sesame seeds into the mix, dough finished at 12.00. The dough was allowed to rest in a large plastic container and given stretch and folds @ 1.00pm, 2pm and 3pm the dough was then taken at 4.00pm scaled and handed up loosely.   12 pieces @ 500g and 2 pieces @ 750g.

The dough was then moulded put onto linen couches and into the fridge by half past 4, knock off time is 4.00!

Next morning i got into work early to bake off  before 6.00am the ovens were turned on the dough pieces brought out and transfered to baking sheets they were washed with a boiled cornflour wash white sesame seeds applied and slashed ready for the oven. the steam was applied for the first 6 or 7 minutes and then evacuated.  The bakeing time was about 35 minute  at 200 degrees. the bread can be seen cooling on wire racks. The only thing left to do was the bread delivery run and all done and ready for work in my office by 7.45  with the first loaves already being cut buttered and tasted.

i have my one loaf to take home this evening (1 more hour to go) that will go nicely with the lentil soup that was over from the restaurant at lunch time.   

 Another good day at work! 

Kind Regards Yozza






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Those look fantastic!  Love the seeds in the perfect crumb shot.  I assume the 200 degrees you baked at was Celsius right?

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yes that is 200 celsius  and the bread was pretty good, i sliced up a loaf for the Information Systems guys and provided the butter, some of the young ones had never tried  a sour dough bread before, it didn't take them to long to realise it was all right ! they fixed a problem i had with the computer (it took six of them) and i joked that six techos at about 80 bucks an hour was going to break the bank but the senior man said a loaf of bread next time i baked would be most welcome so it was a good trade.

regards Derek

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Why didn't I think of that!  I wish I could have traded one of my loaves the last time my hard drive went south on me.  Now only if the gas station would give me some petrol for some bread :).

Happy baking,

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annie the chef

Your loaves look fabulous as always.

Happy baking!


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Thanks Annie 

Hopefully they will be just as good on the evening of the 10th of this month when we will bake off this same dough that i will prepare the day earlier and we will be starting of a wholemeal with home brew stout  that they will take home to bake the following day.

Kind regards Derek

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of cured and or smoked meat for this bread.  Looks terrific and has to taste good.

Happy baking

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Hi Dab we are on the same wave length  i did have some smoked cheese and some home pickled onion that went rather well on a couple of slices, but toasted with a really fresh poached egg courtesy of my Barnvelder hen takes some beating for a breakfast. i would like to try some as croutons with soup but i never end up with any left for that.

kind regards Derek

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Great looking bread Derek,

Very best wishes


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Thanks Andy, they came out alright seeing as i was scraping the bottom of the bins and made do with what was there. Loved your Alnwick market bake too.