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Cleaning/Changing of container....

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Cleaning/Changing of container....

Hello,  I'm on day 5 of my starter, using a medium sized tubby kilner jar. I was wondering about jar cleanliness and once I have my starter ready to use is it a good idea to change to a cleaner jar ? Obviously there will be continuous feeding so is it a worry which needs no worrying ? Just a little nervous/excited at the moment and very new to this all.  


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Personally, I like my jars to look tidy. On my large tub for pancake starter I just squeegee the sides with a spatula, on my small jars I change the jar every feeding (my spatula doesn't fit in them and I maintain very small starters until I'm ready to bake). Every now and then I put the pancake starter in a clean container and clean off its normal home, but most of the time I don't bother. I don't seem to be having any problems with my system. I make sure that jars have been drying at least 24 hours before I put starter in them to let chlorine evaporate, but I don't know whether or not that is necessary.

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Oh yes, and I mix my starter for feeding in a bowl before pouring into the new jar, so it's as tidy as possible.

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plastic container that my rye starter is in for about nine months or so. There's no need to clean it really since the contents are getting gradually replaced.

In the olden days, people kept old dough in wooden bread buckets which never got cleaned. When the dough is mixed, there's enough residue on the sides of the container to act as leavening for the next batch.

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when i can't see inside my starter jar, I know it's time for a cleaning! well, a little sooner. that seems to be about every month or so. I've never had mold forming, so nothing to really worry about.