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First go at Vollkornbrot with flaxseed

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Faith in Virginia's picture
Faith in Virginia

First go at Vollkornbrot with flaxseed

This is my first go with Vollkornbrot.  I have no reference on how this bread should be.  So those of you familiar with vollkornbrot if you could give me your honest opinion of what you see and if I need to make any improvements.

The bread tasted great with a tough crust...difficult to slice but the crumb was moist and had a nice bite.  It was amazing how the bread improved with age.

Thanks Faith




dabrownman's picture

What recipe did you use?  Did you wrap it up in lines for a couple of days to redistribute the moisture?

Nice baking Faith

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Faith in Virginia

I used 'Hamelman's formula and yes I did wrap it up in linen for 48 hours.  Even after that it continued to redistribute that moisture.  It just kept getting better and better.


I just found a great local source for rye so I'm a bit rye happy at the moment.

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Looks great from here, Faith!


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Mini Oven

Ran across a rye that was labeled  "double crust"  (interesting twist) ...a good description for a sturdy crust, yes?  

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Faith in Virginia

Yes I like that, double crust.  I baked the bread in my WFO so temperatures are in ranges so I was not sure if I went to long or short on the bake when I pulled them out.  By the way the bread was after the 48 hours I think I was close to a proper bake.  Nice thing about this bread ... it felt like you were eating something substantial. 

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Hi Faith,
I think your Vollkornbrot looks marvelous - love the crackled top and the crumb looks really good, too!
:^) breadsong

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Looks great Faith.  That breads on my to bake list as well.

Must taste great.