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Picnic breads

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Picnic breads

A friend and I spent a day at the cricket last Saturday - and needed lunch and dinner for us.

Here's what I came up with - pizzas and bread pasties which keep well all day:

I used the same dough for both - with bouillon powder and curry powder and sun-dried tomatoes.

What breads do you take for a day out?

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was sitting in the car on a very hot day, outside a very posh general store in North Hatley in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.  We'd bought a baguette and a lovely runny brie, and tore off hunks of bread and lathered them with the cheese.  Delicious!  That was many years ago and we haven't had a picnic since.

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Those both look and sound perfect for a picnic.  I have not had a picnic myself or a long time but I would imagine any good sandwich bread would do.